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About Our Company

Technology is ever changing and evolving, so one have to be willing to change and acclimatize with the times. What use to take hours now takes seconds. Remoteq intent to be at the peak of IT !

Smart City

We can save more than 40% of budget compared to other companies, and realize communication savings and global smart city early with ultra long distance free WiFi.

Defense / Security System

Improve national security with a system that sends radar detection signals from long distances to detect enemy abnormal behavior and abnormal symptoms early.

LSD Tech

Monster Server

SIEM - NextGen

AI Leader in Cybersecurity

Artificial Intelligence based SPiDER TM (SIEM) Solution!

Automated Penetration Testing

Simplify your penetration testing tasks. Provide target URLs and APIs and we will take care of the entire process.

Cyberbit Range

A new training approach by providing a hyper-realistic, virtual SOC environment, where your team can train in responding to real-world, simulated cyberattacks and dramatically improve their skills.

Malware & Phishing Attacks

Cover All Collaboration Platforms

Secure all your enterprise collaboration tools against malware hidden in files and URL’s in one place.

Endpoint Protection – Replace Legacy Antivirus

Your most sensitive data lives on the endpoint and in the cloud. Protect what matters most from cyberattacks. Fortify every edge of the network with realtime autonomous protection.

World-Leading Outdoor Wi-Fi Solutions

50km – 100km World-leading Outdoor Wi-Fi Solutions

New Technology

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Technology evolves by the day, hence it is pivotal to source word-leading products and stay abreast of the latest technology and innovations. A great revolution called 4th Industrial Revolution is at our doorstep.

Remoteq collaborate and do have access to our South African-based Scientific and Industrial Research powerhouse (CSIR) as well as the Korean Electronic and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), which enables us to offer our business partners and clients the complete ABCI of ICT- as well as the latest technology and product suite when it comes to Cybersecurity.

Remoteq is adamant to obtain leadership in the SADC region, pertaining to the provision of world-leading ICT, Cybersecurity and Energy products and solutions; which is possible, through the development of hyper-connected intelligent infrastructure technology and constant research and innovation, assisted by the aforementioned powerhouses.

As 60-70% of companies now permitting their employees to work from home and/or “Anywhere”, a revamp of their cybersecurity model is inevitable. Hence Remoteq has a dedicated focus on Zero-trust frameworks, multifactor authentication and endpoint monitoring. Remoteq intends to tackle trust, identity, privacy and security (TIPS) issues in the hyper-connected, converged infrastructures of SADC.

Remoteq will also continue to bring you the latest Cybersecurity news, developments and insights, as and when it happens


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You are welcome to contact us should you need more information with regards to our ICT and Cybersecurity Training Academy and product offering.

CyberSec Training Academy


Instructor-Led training – in SADC


Online Cybersecurity Awareness Training


Cloud Cyber Range Simulation Training


Korea University & IGLOO Security Training

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