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Few words about Remoteq


Remoteq has been established in 2016 with a deliberate intention to become a leading supplier and installer of strategic ICT and Security products and solutions, but with a conscious focus on Cybersecurity and Energy solutions. Remoteq is adamant to become the preferred Black Owned Cybersecurity and Energy conglomerate in South Africa, if not for the entire Africa. 
Though Remoteq has not been trading for a long time since its establishment, the company has taken a deliberate decision to first and foremost, secure strategic partnerships and, to obtain the
exclusive rights to international solutions. Based on its Exclusive Partnership Agreements with companies, such as:
@ LG_CNS (Data Centres, System & Network Integration, UAV, Smart Technologies)
@ UMV Inc. (Website Protection, Endpoint Protection, Enterprise Content Safeguard)
@ Nuriplan* (Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Solutions, Landscaping Structural Objects)
@ Open-PLC (BIM Solution, INNO-BIM System, Smart City, Smart School, ACS)
@ MBank (Weapon Management System, Image Correction CCTV System, i-C2C)
@ Yeonhab Precision (Manufacturing & Localization of Defence products)
@ HWARIM Co. (VPN Security Technology)
@ SentinelOne (Next-Generation Endpoint Protection)
@ Korid Energy, Inc.* (Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Solutions)
@ LIGNex1 (Electronic Warfare & Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance)
and many others from South Korea, Remoteq is in a strategic position, and authorised to import or source COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) best-of-breed Cybersecurity and Energy products and
solutions from South Korea.


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