WJ Coetzee

Welcome to Remoteq !


Remoteq has been established with a deliberate intent to become a leading supplier and installer of strategic ICT, Security and Energy products and solutions. Remoteq is adamant to become the preferred Black Owned Cybersecurity and Energy conglomerate in SADC, if not in the entire Africa !


Though the company has not been trading for quite some time since its establishment, Remoteq has taken a deliberate decision to first and foremost, secure strategic partnerships with international conglomerates and to obtain Exclusive Rights to international and world-leading products and solutions.

These Exclusive Partnership Agreements enables us to optimize the quality of our offerings to our clients. We do not agree with the “one size fits all” approach and, as a result, in-source from time to time skilled and dedicated resources to focus on specific clients and/or projects, within the various sectors. Our business partners are of strategic importance to us and to the African continent, at large.


Key Solutions Offered :

# Cybersecurity

# Smart City Solutions

# Smart School Solutions

# Extinction Toilets (Microorganisms)

# Command and Control Centres

# Weapon Management Systems

# Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries

# Image Correction Surveillance Systems

# Integrated Border Security Solutions

Power & Energy Solutions

Remoteq is well positioned to deliver on any Power Plant or Energy solution.

Organic Fertilizer System

Remoteq provides an Organic Fertilizer Production System, using IoT technologies.

Weapon Management Systems

Monitor, manage and control firearms properly, and one can even store and protect documents, electronically.


Remoteq afficianced with leading South Korean companies and the CSIR on Cybersecurity.


Remoteq is at an advance stage to commence with the local manufacturing of Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries.

ICT & Security

Remoteq, through its Partners, create new business values by converging IT technologies with other industrial technologies.

Our Offering:

Based on our international and strategic partnerships with world-leading conglomerates, and as a business associate, Remoteq are now in a position to, at any given point in time, deliver on key focus areas  and solutions, like:


# Physical & Logical Security                                                                       # Fibre, Copper & Electrical Cabling

# Rail, Aerospace & Defence                                                                       # Maintenance, Stationary & Printing Supplies

# Cybersecurity                                                                                            # Perimeter/Border Security

# Energy Solutions                                                                                       # Computer Hardware & Software

# Radar & Electronic Warfare                                                                      # Integrated Command and Control Centres 

# CCTV Surveillance Systems                                                                     # Access Control Systems

# Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)                              # Special Operation Technologies

# Asset & Vehicle Tracking                                                                          # Port of Entry Security Solutions 

# Weapon Management Systems                                                                # Disaster Prevention Systems

# Secure Communications Platforms                                                           # Container & Truck Scanning technologies

# Interception & Jamming                                                                             # Assembly, Design & Manufacturing